In an era that is marked by the IT Revolution, the skill set that sets the path for a great career
is/are predominantly IT Skills; in a market plagued with archaic and clich├ęd technologies like
QA, BA and other similar technologies that have very little to no value because of the existence
of thousands of experienced consultants and graduate students who have been t
domain and the competition to find a project is high and the openings are minimal,
Jane InfoTech devised a solution to this problem and the training division was born, We train
and place students and consultants on niche and specialized
force, Android development, PEGA BPM, TIBCO iprocess etc, These technologies have a great
demand in the IT world and the supply is low as these are emerging technologies, A glance at
Gartner and Forbes reports will tell you t
years at minimum and our consultants command twice the pay package than those who have
worked on commonplace technologies like QA/BA/Informatica/ Cognos etc.

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